The 3 Secrets
to a Wildly Successful
Low-Content Publishing Business


In This Masterclass



The 4 Things You MUST Do Before Creating Your Low-Content Book 

Most people miss one of these vital steps.



The 5-Step Formula For Writing a Book Description That Sells

A poorly written book description WILL break the sale—don't let this be you!



Why Many Self-Publishers Throw in the Towel, Destroying Their Chance at Monthly Passive Income

Don't let yourself be brought down by these completely avoidable traps!



The 3 Mindset Musts For Low-Content Publishing Success

Once you've got these down, success becomes INEVITABLE.

"Rachel's self-publishing insights led me to building a 6-figure publishing empire within just 6 months, and ultimately leaving my full-time job. Without question, I would not have had this level of success if it weren't for her feedback, tips, and tricks. She is truly a guru when it comes to self-publishing."

S. Mallory

Your Journey Toward a Fun,
Passive Income Generating Business Starts Here

Whether you’re starting out on your LCP journey, struggling to break through a plateau after some initial success, or simply stuck somewhere in the middle unsure of what to do next, this can be the year you finally create a passive income stream that gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whomever you want!

And as we're all finding out during these uncertain times, creating additional income streams is absolutely essential, not just for personal freedom, but for long-term financial stability as well.

Join me to find out what it takes to build a successful LCP business this year and beyond.

A Note From Yours Truly...

From nonfiction to fiction to low-content, I’ve been generating passive income from self-publishing since 2014.

Over 800 books, several #1 bestsellers, and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, I’ve discovered the exact ingredients required to create a profitable low-content book that generates recurring monthly royalties on an indefinite basis.

This info-packed masterclass is a select group of takeaways that I’ve learned as a 6-figure self-publisher.

If you’re committed to making this the year you finally build a freedom-producing passive income stream, I can’t wait to help you get there more quickly and effectively.

See you there!